FOs: Handspun

I seem to be on a spinning jag lately. We’ll see how long this lasts, but for the moment at least, I’m considering joining the Tour de Fleece, so there may be lots more spinning to come.

Fiber Used: 100g Wool- Corriedale Finn Rambouillet Cross Sheep

Fiber Source: Spinners Hill while I was at Rhinebeck, this pass fall

Yardage: ~120 yards

Weight: thick and thin, from a fingering to a worsted in places

Fiber Used: 20g total of two unknown fibers, one felt like a wool (the brown ply), and the other like a silk (the green, yellow and brown ply).

Fiber Source: no idea, I think I got them as samples from somewhere

Yardage: 80 yards

Weight: overall a fingering weight, with some thicker spots and some thinner spots.

Fiber Used: 55g of what felt like merino with some metallic sparkle mixed in

Fiber Source: no idea

Yardage: 108 yards

Weight: DK-ish, with lots of thicker and thinner bits.

I’ve played with the look of the blog, and I think I’ll keep this layout around for a bit. If you have an opinion, let me know what you think.

And with that, to all a good-night.

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