July 26, 2017


finishing and starting: edits, spinning, weaving, and style challenges

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

weaving squares and shawl geometry edits

spinning yarn and editing

It would seem that this week was the week of finishing and starting things!

I finished this round of edits/rewrites of Shawl Geometry Book Three, and started typing them up!
Then I finished the spinning project I was working on, and started playing around with a zoom loom!
The summer 10×10 wardrobe challenge has wrapped up, and I’m starting planning posts for next week on Who Wears Who!

This current round of edits/rewrites on the third Shawl Geometry book feels like it’s been going on for absolutely ever. And I have to say, I’m thrill that this round is over. Compared to the snails pace of rewriting, typing everything up seems like it’s happening lightning speed (even though there is a TON to write up).

My quickie spinning project is all plyed together – now it just needs a nice bath and a project to use it for.

But of course I wanted another low-key fiber project to work on, so I (rather impulsively) picked up a Zoom Loom and started playing around on it with some handspun that I’ve had sitting around forever, waiting for the right project. It’s been highly satisfying, and each square is pretty much instant gratification.

And over on Who Wears Who, the last day of the summer 10×10 wardrobe challenge was Friday! The whole whole challenge was a ton of fun, and I can’t wait to experiment more with clothing & style over on that blog – so if that’s of interest to you, come check it out!