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On Knitting – Shaping Shawls

: Shawl Geometry I: the math of shaping shawls for non mathy people

: Shawl Geometry II: because 16 shapes wasn’t enough

: Shawl Geometry III: the relationships behind the numbers

: The Shawl Geometry blog series

: Playing with Shawl Construction

For when you’re stuck

: What’s the very next step?

: How many yards/meters does it take to knit a shawl?

: Three and a half things to remember about frogging.

: What mistakes can you live with?

: How to thread a lifeline

: A case for waiting and watching – when you want to fix EVERYTHING.

On Knitting – Generally

: Knitting from 2 Ends of 1 Ball of Yarn

: Knitting a sweater ENTIRELY out of order.

: Knit like the wind. Rest. (find your knitting rhythm.)

: Why do you knit?

On Knitting – Binding Off

: my favorite bind off trick part 1

: my favorite bind off trick part 2

: 5 tips for working an elastic bind off

: 2 stretchy bind offs perfect for shawls

On Knitting – Swatching

: 6 reasons to swatch

: Love swatching because it’s awesome, not because you “should.”

On Knitting – Blocking

: What do you want the edges of your shawl to look like?

: Blocking is magic.

Working with Color

: Adding color to shawls

: Finding colors that sing.

: Learn to trust your OWN colors sense: choosing the colors for Anwar

: Illuminating unexpected color combinations – weaving & color.

All About Fabrics

: What kind of fabric are you trying to create?

: What’s the difference between knit and woven fabric?

: Spinning yarn for a sweater.

: A handspun, handknit sweater.

: Weaving and creating woven fabrics.

Yarn, Fabric, Shop and Product Reviews

: Review: Cascade Yarns “Forest Hills”


: A yarn & fabric tour of San Francisco Bay Area.

: A yarn & fabric tour of Portland, the younger.

: Keeping up with a self-portrait project while traveling.

Holiday & Gift Crafting

: 7 tips on crafting for yourself this holiday season.

: I said I wasn’t going to make any one Christmas gifts…

On Making

: The moment of awe-inspiring-wow.

: The divide between what I like making, and what I like wearing.

: Thoughts on 15 minute projects.

: I guess writing down goals really does work…

: Sticking with projects that have a high potential of burnout.

: Are you a process or product maker?

: More thoughts on making for the process and/or the product.

: Sometimes you just have to start a project NOW.

: Instant gratification.

On Sewing

: How to sew a straight seam.

: When what I love to wear, meets what I love to sew.

On Style and Wardrobes

: Getting your handmade wardrobe ready for fall.

: On packing for 10 weeks with a handmade wardrobe, and missing what you leave behind.

: What if, my wardrobe and I are grand adventuresses?

: Is it more expensive to make clothes or buy them? – The Money Part of The Self-Made Wardrobe Project

: How often do you wear your clothes? – The Frequency Part of The Self-Made Wardrobe Project

: I don’t exactly have a “conventional” wardrobe.

: Maybe personal style is something you “remember.” Not something you “find.”

: I highly doubt I’d wear this, if I hadn’t made it.

: 8 clothing related reminders that I’d rather stop relearning.

Other Essays

: Making art makes you an artist

: The magic of popcorn popping time

: Some thoughts on selfies & self-portraits.

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