spinning, editing, and a new wardrobe challenge!

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

spinning yarn and editing shawl shaping

Summer 2017 10x10 Plaid Shirt+Black Jeans 4

It has been a week of writing, and editing, and spinning away.

The spinning project continues – I’ve always loved how easy it is fit spindle spinning into a couple of minutes here and there throughout the day.

The rewriting/editing continues – and continues, and continues, and continues.

And I stared a new style blog! If you’ve been around for awhile, and enjoyed following along with The Self-Made Wardrobe Project, I think you’ll really enjoy this project. My aim is to explore a more curious, conscientious, sustainable approach to clothing and style – with that in mind the blog is called Who Wears Who?

I’m kicking things off by joining in on the Summer 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge hosted by Caroline of Un-Fancy, and Lee of Style Bee. The basic premise of the 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge is to create a wardrobe of 10 pieces, that will create (at least) 10 looks, to be worn over 10 days – 10 pieces of clothing, 10 looks, 10 days, it has a beautiful symmetry to it.

It’s been about two years since I did a (non-travel prompted) wardrobe challenge, so I’m having tons of fun with this one. Today is Day 3, so there’s still time to catch up, and even join in if you want to. Come over, check out the new blog, which you can find here at Who Wears Who?, let me know what you think and be sure to follow along with the summer 10×10 wardrobe challenge over on Instagram.

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