frogging, editing, and my summer wardrobe infusion

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ripping back knitting

frogging knitting

Shawl Geometry Update

Two notable things have happened this week on the crafting front of my life.

Firstly, I frogged about 2 inches of my Lady Bat sweater.

I ripped back my Lady Bat sweater to before I joined the front with the back to knit the second sleeve. I started knitting the second sleeve two weeks ago, but tried it on this week only to discover that I didn’t make the front & back wide enough. Ah well.

Because of the sideways construction, trying it on (and getting an accurate sense of what of how much more you have to knit), really requires an extra hand or two.

So, I’m going to knit a couple more inches on the front & back of my sweater, before joining again for the second sleeve.

And while frogging your knitting is hardly ever fun, it also hardly ever needs to be a total disaster.

Secondly, I finished the first round of edits for the second book in the Shawl Geometry Series.

With this round of book edits, I finished the first book last week, and the second book this week, and I’m over the damn moon. I still have the third book to go, but it feels like a far more do-able task now that I’m two-thirds of the way through.

And I guess thirdly, I thought about sitting down with my no-longer-really-an-Anna-Dress.

My summery wardrobe infusion plans have sort stalled. I’m attributing this to the massive amount of time & attention the shawl geometry books update is taking, and also to the seemingly endless rounds of rethinks I’m going through with the was-originally-going-to-be-an-Anna Dress.

When I was originally planning this wardrobe infusion, I said I wanted it to be light, and easy, and breezy – both in the making, and in the final projects.

Easy & breezy is kind of the antithesis of what this project has been so far – so I’m also mulling over ways to reinvigorate, push the reset button, and get this project moving again. Because out of the carry-on-suitcase sized capsule wardrobe that I packed in the middle of December, there are only so many clothes that I can transition into summer.

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