September 6, 2017


Shawl Geometry Book 3 is (briefly) off my desk!

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

Labor Day by the water

Shawl Geometry Book 3 is off my desk and to the marvelous Holly Priestley technical editor extraordinaire for the first round of technical edits!!! Huzzah!

But that does mean there was a bit of a scramble to finish tying up the loose ends before I sent it off. Luckily after I sent it off Monday morning, (which was Labor Day here in the US), I got to spend the rest of my day far away from my desk with absolutely no guilt.

Unfortunately, the tying up the last little bits and pieces meant that I still haven’t dived into any new fibery projects. I know I said this last week, but maybe next week.

Over on Who Wears Who, I styled and wrote about the blue kimono I first made as part of my Self-Made Wardrobe Project. I’ve now had this piece in my closet for over 3 years, and realized that what I love most about it is that it’s had time to collect some fabulous memories associated with it. Come over and read more about the blue kimono here.