The Shawl Geometry Books

written with non-mathy people in mind

The Math of Shaping Shawls for Non-Mathy People.

Shawl Geometry teaches you all the ins-and-outs of shaping knitted shawls, from common shapes (squares and circles), to funky shapes (half crescents).

Shaping a knitted shawl isn’t hard. But figuring out the math is a heck of a lot of work.
Work you don’t have to do, I’ve already done it for you.

The Shawl Geometry Books lay out exactly how to knit all sorts of shawl shapes, so you’ll have shawl shapes to knit forever…

| Straight forward instructions mean you can pick up your needles and start knitting.

| Crisp swatches mean you know exactly what shape you’re getting.

| Easy to follow schematics mean you can take these shapes and start designing your own shawls.

| Best of all. No math degree needed. If you can plug one or two numbers into a calculator, you’re good to do.



What other people are saying:


“Holly is a firm believer in sharing knowledge, and she wrote The Shawl Geometry Books, a great compendium of all the basic shawl shapes and how to knit them. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at design, her books are a fantastic resource. She covers everything from basic to complex shawl shapes, and a whole lot of mathematical concepts for people who want to really want to get into it.” –Ana of Toil & Trouble Yarns

“Printing it out now. I am a mathy sort of person, but have spatial relation issues. I’m looking forward to trying my hand at knitting a shawl of my own design.” –Sharon

“This AMAZING series of blog posts by Holly Chayes on shawl shapes has proven extremely helpful [in designing my own shawl]. It’s a great reference on shawl shapes.” –Cleio of “The Knitters Handbook”



Newly Expanded, Revised, Updated!

SHAWL GEOMETRY I: the math of shaping shawls for non-mathy people


Shawl Geometry I: the math of shaping shawls for non mathy people is a 93 page book with crystal clear instructions for 28 common shawl shapes from squares to triangles, to circles, to rectangles to half circles and more.

Each shape is presented clearly and concisely.

You can, pick up your needles and start knitting, or combine this book with your favorite stitch dictionary and start designing.



| a 93 page PDF with full instructions
| for 28 shawl shapes
| with 25 swatches
| plus 52 schematics

| and easy to understand instructions for every shape
|(including instructions for working each shape top down and bottom up)


THE SHAPES INCLUDED: the Square Knit in the Round, the Edge to Edge Square, the Bias Square, the Square with a Diagonal Slit, the Mitered Square, and also Basic & Less Basic Rectangles, the Right Triangle, the Triangle with Wings, the Side to Side Triangle (symmetrical, and also asymmetrical), a Shallower Triangle, plus 4 methods to knit a circular shawl, then many ways to knit partial circles (including half circles) for each circular shawl method.
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SHAWL GEOMETRY II: 45 fresh shawl shapes to add to your knitting library

Shawl Geometry Book Two lays out knitting recipes for intermediate shawl shapes that we known and love, plus shapes that are a little more uncommon.

This book contains 45 shawl shapes, with 89 knitting recipes, all laid out in clear, straight to the point knitting instructions, so that you can cast on right away.

These shapes are weirder, funkier, uncommon, and unique. Perfect for adding a little bit of edge to your knitting. 45 uncommon shawl shapes – stop knitting what everyone else is knitting.


| a 160 page PDF with complete instructions
| for 45 shawl shapes
| with 89 knitting recipes
| plus easy to understand and follow written instructions.


THE SHAPES INCLUDED: the Log Cabin Square, the Square with a Vertical Slit, the 3/4 Square, and the Exaggerated 3/4 Square, the Rectangle #1 & #2, the Bias Rectangle and Asymmetrical Bias Rectangle, the Bias Triangle and Exaggerated Bias Triangle, the Three Point Triangle, the Triangle with Exaggerated Wings, the Curved, Bias, Asymmetrical Triangle, the Right Triangle with a Center Back Panel, two methods for shaping Faroese Shaped Shawls, multiple methods of shaping Trapezoids, Elongated Diamonds and a handful of variations, Octagons and Hexagons knit flat (and in the round), plus 3 methods for knitting doughnut shaped shawls (and partial doughnuts), and finally 6 crescent shaped shawls.


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SHAWL GEOMETRY III: the relationships behind the numbers

Shawl Geometry III cover

Shawl Geometry III: the relationships behind the numbers is for the knitter who is always asking WHY?

It’s one thing to know how to knit a square. It’s another thing to know how to turn a square into a circle.

Shawl Geometry III teaches how shawl shapes fit together.
How do you turn a square into triangle?
A square into a rectangle?
A square into a circle?
This book explains how to do that.

This map show how all the shapes are connected: 2FullChart


 This book explains that map.

Shawl Geometry III breaks down the map. Step by step. Piece by piece.
It’s a little bit geeky, a little bit weird, and perfect for the knitter who always asks “why?”


| a 20 page PDF of clear, concise written explanations, describing exactly what’s happening as you follow the map
| 10 straight forward schematics
| the map above
| the video of how to create the map
| and a glossary of all 37 shawl shapes (because sometimes we all need a refresher)

Shawl Geometry 3 Peek Inside

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What other people are saying:


“…I am SO looking forward to your next ebook [in the Shawl Geometry Series], really they should all be part of every knitter’s library.” –Heidi

“I purchased it and LOVE it! Awesome job Holly! Fantastic resource!” –Monica

“Each pattern includes tips for using the shape and shows a small sample of what the design looks like … You’ll discover variations on the basics and how different shapes sit on the body, which can help you design exactly the sort of shawl you want.” –Sarah E. White book review



Shawl Geometry I: the math of shaping shawls for non-mathy people

$25- Learn how to shape shawls with 16 common shawl shapes.

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Shawl Geometry II: because 16 shapes wasn’t enough

$25- Differentiate your knitting with 19 funky & uncommon shawl shapes.

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Shawl Geometry III: the relationships behind the numbers

$20- For the knitter who is always asking WHY, understand how to turn one shawl shape into another.

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The Shawl Geometry Book Bundle

$65- Buy all three books, in one fell swoop.

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