Everything takes longer than I think it will. (Including writing this post).

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

Shawl Geometry book editing - the Pilot Hi-Tech-C is perfect for writting teeny tiny in the margins

knitting a lace sweater over coffee

sewing with impromptu pattern weights - because just about anything can be used to hold a sewing pattern flat

Books. Sweater. Dress. Books. Sweater Dress.

This continues to be the rhythm of my week – at least in my “not working on projects for other people time.”

And while there’s been more book editing progress than knitting or sewing progress. I have managed to sneak in time here and there to further my summery wardrobe infusion plans.

The editing is going – but I kind of underestimated exactly how much I had added, and how many pages there were to edit. So I just have to laugh every time I think about my original timeline for this project. But! This project is moving forward, just far slower than I had anticipated.

Which, is also a statement that could easily be applied to my summery wardrobe infusion as well.

Because everything takes longer than I think it will. (including writing this post).

Though I’m making tentative plans to make some time for making that is specifically focused on getting some of the smaller pieces of my summery wardrobe infusion made. Plus I’ve decided that a somewhat incoherent post every now and then is a-okay by me, so I will end this here, and go back to editing.

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