I wonder if I could finish knitting two sweaters this week.

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colorful knitting

I finished the hood of my Versio sweater! That’s a close up of the three needle bind off. I just need to weave in all the ends, make some cording, and block it before it’s wearable.


My lace shawl knit out of Julie Asselin’s lovely “Merletto” is sailing along with a little help from rewatching Downton Abbey.

blue NYC sky

It’s definitely fall here. Crisp and cool, and desperately making me want a pair of jeans, and a pile of sweaters.

ends to weave in

So, I picked up and started knitting an ancient unfinished sweater (from my pile of many). It got a hood, and an amazing number of ends, added to it this week.

ribbed knitting

Then I ripped out the bind off at the bottom hem, so I could add ribbing.

I’m adding a 4 x 1 ribbing, by dropping down the stitch that I want to make a purl stitch, and then picking it back up with a crochet hook. It’s not fast, but it’s faster than reknitting half a sweater.

It needs sleeves, a zipper, ends woven in, and a washing before it’s done.

Soon, hopefully. I wonder if I could finish knitting two sweaters this week…

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