sweaters, shawls, and jeans

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So I didn’t manage to completely finish two sweaters this week, which was my very relaxed “goal” from last week, but I did make a lot of progress.

blue and yellow cording - made with yarn

If you follow my on instagram, you saw the massive pile of ends that I had to weave in on my Versio sweater, as well as my experiments with different colors of cording for the hems.

I ended up going with yellow and blue cording, now the sweater just needs to be washed, blocked, photographed, and worn. Yay!

sweater and zipper

My (hopefully perfect) transitional sweater has sleeves (!) and I have the zipper.

So now it’s just another pile of ends to weave in, before I can wash it, block it, insert the zipper and wear it!!!


I also started super basic black pullover out of a lace weight. It’s a nightmare to knit, but I know that I’ll get an amazing amount of wear out of it. So for now, I’m just trusting the process.

lace knitting

My shawl is about a repeat and a half away from being done!

seam ripping

And I ripped out some of the seams of my experimental jeans so that I could futz with the fit of the pattern. Sad face. 

I want jeans like there’s no tomorrow, but right now sweater knitting is coming first. I know that with tights and socks, I can wear my skirts for a couple more months without any problems, but I know that if I don’t get some sweaters done I’m going to hate myself in a week or two. Damn it self-made wardrobe! 🙂


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  1. I’m enjoying following your efforts. Thought I’d write a comment. My mom taught me to sew decades ago. It’s not something I do because it’s so hard to make things fit. My creative work moved into writing and photography which works for me. But I like watching you make progress. I’ve done a lot of crocheting and a little bit of knitting. Knitters also amaze me. I love sweaters. Keep going. Just wanted to let you know that someone is out there reading you.

    1. Holly

      Thank you so much Bobbi! For following along, and also for leaving a comment. It’s great to know that someone (besides me) is enjoying this project.

      (I also peeked through your website – your photography is beautiful.)

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