two sweaters and a shawl

Each Wednesday I post little snippets about the projects I’m working on.
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knitted lace shawl

I’m working on the last two rows of my lace shawl!!! Working with Julie Asselin’s “merletto” was absolutely amazing as always, I can’t wait to work with it again.

knitting while watching tv

My boring black sweater is moving along with some help from “Downton Abbey.” I know that I’m going to love wearing it, I just hope knitting the sleeves isn’t too awful.

sweater blocking

My Versio sweater is blocking! Yay! I can’t wait to clip all the ends, thread the cording, and start wearing it!


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  1. Love the purple yarn and the lacy stitch. Try to shoot a photo of the black sweater stitch, if you can. Keep going. Black goes with everything! The hoodie looks so professional and you can wear those colors with everything! Impressive.

    1. Holly

      Thanks so much Bobbi! The black sweater is just plain stockinette stitch – so not super interesting, but I’ll still try and get a better shot of it.

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