an almost finished sweater, and an experiment in sewing jeans

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colorful knitting

I finished the body and sleeves of my Versio sweater the other day, and started on the hood last night. Maybe I can finish the hood in a day or two?

overlock stitch

My first experiment sewing jeans happened last Thursday.

The conclusion: it could have gone (a lot) worse.


And that’s what I’ve been working on knitting & sewing wise.

There’s been some writing – about sweaters that morph as you’re knitting them, and asking what mistakes you can live with.

Some editing – The Self-Made Wardrobe Project page got an update, and so did the about page.

Some thinking – I’m working on a wrap up post for the first month of the self-made wardrobe, but the words that say what I’m trying to say are proving somewhat elusive.

But mostly, I’m hoping to finish up the hood of my sweater so I can come back to knitting my lace shawl, and some of my old sweater works in progress.

 (I’m still amazed that I have 5 sweaters in progress… how the hell did that happen?)

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