shoes, nail polish, a spartan desk, and some spinning

This week has mostly been spent unpacking and starting to puzzle piece the apartment back together.

IMG_5312    IMG_5296    IMG_5303

Some highlights: Shoes have taken over my closet, at least they left space for my polka doted hatbox. My, now, oh-so-spartan desk. And a crazy amount of nail polish that I don’t remember amassing.


I’ve done no knitting. But I did pull out some fiber and do a little spinning last night. That way there would be something fiber related in this post.

This is a beautiful camel colored 100% alpaca top, that I’m spinning into a 2ply lace weight. It was a gift and unfortunately I don’t know the company. But I’m loving working with it.

Here’s to more knitting next week.

Happy Wednesday!

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