12 shawls in 2013

All the shawls of 2013.

Shawls that were just finished, or begun and finished.


1. The Shawl Without A Name. From very early this year.


2. Aella. Also finished up early this year. I actually want to reknit this shawl, and make a bunch of pattern tweaks.


3. Mayur. The first shawl started and finished in 2013. A really simple pattern, knit with the delightful Unplanned Peacock’s superwash merino fingering.


4. Red Mesh Shawl. Started as a very last minute gift for Christmas last year. Bound off on New Years. But not posted about (or gifted) until March. The pattern is exclusive (and free) for people who join the Announce Announce list.


5. Anwar. This was a huge lesson in trusting my own color sense, and it looks way more complicated than it is.


6. Lapidarius. Because diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and Latin is fun to play with.


7. Katherine’s Shawl. This was a sample for Katherine as far as I know the pattern isn’t available yet, but it certainly was a pleasure to knit.


8. Cotton Candy Shawl. I love how bright this shawl is, but I really wish I had taken better notes while knitting it.


9. Green Mutant Shawl. Garter stitch with simple shaping and i-cored edging. What’s not to love?


10. Lace Cables. Knit with the lovely Verdant Gryphon’s Eidos, this was partly an experiment in combining colorwork and lace in one shawl.


11. Teeny Tiny Flower Fields. This shawl managed to hide from the blog, all year long.


12. Plucky, Plucky, Shawl. Not quite finished when I took the photo, it still needs a good blocking, but almost there.


Plus 42 “mini shawls” aka swatches for the Shawl Geometry books. Because swatching is awesome.

I tried to list them in the order I talked about them on the blog, and in doing so realized I’ve been falling down big time on FO posts. Something to work on in the new year I suppose. 🙂

See you in 2014.


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