movie marathons don’t hurt knitting progress

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When I’m working on a long project or a semi-monotonous* project, I get disheartened when it gets harder to see progress. And I bet I’m not the only one, right?

*not necessarily monotonous in a bad way, but a project that is not snap of the fingers instant, and involves lots of one simple stitch (such as garter stitch shawls).

I use a couple tricks to keep myself motivated, the easiest and most reliable one being to keep visual track of my progress using row markers.

It’s really simple and very motivating.

So if I’m feeling unmotivated or trying to knit fast on a deadline, when I sit down to knit I’ll place a row marker in the row I’m starting on. This way as I knit, I know exactly where I started and as I knit I try to run away from the marker.

The next day, I’ll place a new row marker in the row I’m starting on, and try to knit more than I did the day before. (Of course, some days I knit less, but it’s only knitting, so it’s all good.)


Combining this with continually shortening rows is awesome, because it makes you feel super speedy.

(Movie marathons also help.)


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