WIP Wednesdays


bind offs, pattern writing, samples & swatches

Through the final stockinette section, and onto the bind off, of the never ending shawl. I’m using Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, so it might take a bit.

IMG_2379 IMG_2365
Writing up the patterns for the pile of shawls on my desk. Though the grey & yellow shawl is Izar, and just likes hanging out on my desk.

Knitting sample returned. I love getting knitting sample back, because it gives me a chance to fall in love with the piece all over again. This one is the glasses case from Sara Barbour’s “Stitching in the Stacks.”

All the swatches! One for a shhhhh (secret) project. One for a shawl to work on once the never ending shawl ends. Some for a new Shawl Geometry Book. And the rest because even after two posts I still have more to say about binding off for shawls.


blocking is magic

I’m spending a chunk of this week blocking the first four shawls of 2014. I’ve talked before about how blocking is the step my knitting projects get “stuck” on even though it might be my favorite part of knitting lace.


I think blocking is magic. It opens up and evens out your stitches. It makes your fabric lighter, airier, and look more delicate.

So I block even simple stockinette shawls. I don’t know if you can see the difference in this photo, but you can certainly feel the difference between the fabric of these two shawls.

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