playing with playing and swatches

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They’re back…


I had hoped that even more swatches would be the final round of green swatches. But I guess that was not to be.

I’m exploring the idea of a Shawl Geometry II, (and maybe a 3). Taking the ideas and the shapes in Shawl Geometry even further.

So I’m playing with

  • increases and decreases
  • turning things on their head
  • shifting lines and shapes
  • cutting shapes in halves, quarters, thirds
  • varying degrees and angles
  • new ways to make old shapes
  • and playing with playing

Playing with playing. I think I like it.


You can learn more about Shawl Geometry here, and here.

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  1. I really love how everything is laid out plainly in Shawl Geometry, it’s fabulous. I was hoping for some more complex shawls though, too, so I’ll be looking forward to the next ones!

    1. Thanks! Shawl Geometry the first one, was the focused on the basic and common shapes. I’m playing with funkier shapes for Shawl Geometry two.

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