May 31, 2013


playing with playing and swatches

I’m always working on some project or another, which means I often have FOs and new designs to share. You can see all my FOs … here … and all my designs … here.


They’re back…


I had hoped that even more swatches would be the final round of green swatches. But I guess that was not to be.

I’m exploring the idea of a Shawl Geometry II, (and maybe a 3). Taking the ideas and the shapes in Shawl Geometry even further.

So I’m playing with

  • increases and decreases
  • turning things on their head
  • shifting lines and shapes
  • cutting shapes in halves, quarters, thirds
  • varying degrees and angles
  • new ways to make old shapes
  • and playing with playing

Playing with playing. I think I like it.


You can learn more about Shawl Geometry here, and here.

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