I never realized I had this much stuff…

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.


Just like last week, I have piles of boxes, and clothes, and fabric, and books, and paper, and yarn. Everywhere.

This week has been a lot of “why did I keep that?!” combined with shuffling piles around, and slowly getting a sense of where to put everything.

After months of living out of one suitcase, and one purse, suddenly having boxes and boxes of things is very overwhelming. But I’m chipping away at my piles of things. And I hope it gets less overwhelming soon.

In knitting, I’m starting to unpack some of my yarn, and am finding myself browsing Ravelry’s pattern database. Nothing has jumped onto my needles yet, but I’m contemplating maybe casting on for something.

In writing, the first and second Shawl Geometry books have come back from their respective technical editors, and are patiently waiting for me to input those edits.

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