finding the flow in my sweater knitting again, and losing things in my storage unit

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at. 

storage unit

sweater sleeve on the needles

This is has felt both interminably long, and impossibly short.

I came back from California with piles of juicy plans.* And this week has been half about helping those plans begin to land, and half about getting back into the flow of NYC (reconnecting with people, looking for gigs & projects, etc.)
*including plans for updating the Shawl Geometry Books, diving back into color theory, and delving deeper into sustainable & intentional wardrobe building.

Helping all these plans land has mostly looked like sitting in front of my computer typing away.

But sometimes, when my eyes start to cross, it looks like rummaging through my storage unit searching for the original shawl geometry swatches (haven’t found them yet – I know they’re in there somewhere. Or knitting away on my sweater.

My sweater, which ran into a bit of a snag over the weekend – the neckline & yoke were all sorts of funky. I sort of knew this when I cast on, but I was kind of hoping it’d just go away.

I know you’ll be shocked when I say, the problem didn’t just go away. In fact, it was screwing up how the sleeves were falling – so I couldn’t get an accurate sense of the sleeves until I fixed the yoke. I wrote about figuring all that out on Monday.
(Side note: taking photos of your own shoulder is really hard! Especially when your tripod is trapped in an unknown box, somewhere in the back of your storage unit.) 

Then Monday evening I sat down, fixed the yoke, and am now back to working away on the first sleeve.

Still haven’t ordered that third cone of yarn, and I know I should. But I think I can at least get through the first sleeve using what’s left on the cone I have. (Now that I’ve type this – lets all watch it come around to bite me.)

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