I am definitely not in California anymore

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My trip to the left coast of the country ended with a rather surreal day of traveling on Friday. My first flight took off from Oakland before the sun had risen, and my second flight landed in Boston after the sun had set.

That, combined with a series of unfortunate events leading to a distinct lack of food until I landed in Boston (a last minute checked bag, construction at LAX, and a fellow passenger’s peanut allergy), means I don’t quite remember Friday – but I do know I got a lot of knitting done.

I’m back on the east coast, outside of Boston for a couple days before heading back to NYC. We’ve been having a warm spell for a couple days, but the temperature is supposed to drop, there is still some snow & ice on the ground, and I am definitely not in California anymore.

And (sort of to my surprise) I did manage to pack everything back into the same suitcase & purse I arrived with. It took a lot of smooshing, some close to bursting seams, and leaving one pair of jeans (that had developed a rather large rip) behind – but everything ultimately fit.

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