train rides & yarn shops

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knitting on a train

winter wonderland

Knit Purl in PDX

Happy Knit in PDX

Yarnia in PDX

Train rides are great for knitting. And long leisurely train rides with beautiful sunrises, through snowy winter wonderlands, curled up inside a warm train (with no wifi), can get you almost all the way through the raglan increases on your lace weight sweater.

Portland has been amazing and does it have a ton of yarn shops! I mean, I knew there were a lot (mainly the reason I came to Portland) – but there are a whole fuck ton, and all of them have their own personalities – which is lovely.

There are stunning window displays, and super friendly shop dogs, and walls of cones of yarn, and cardboard sheep, and amazing needle felting, and local dyers galore, and, and, and…

Luckily, most shops are heavy on the fingering & sock weight yarn, but have pretty small selections of lace weight (which is thoroughly a blessing in disguise).

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