knitting, planning, dreaming & scheming (plus an exhausting train ride)

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at. 

Blurry sheep as seen from a train

PDX sunset

Where’s my brain at? My brain is tired.

An 18 hour train ride that was pleasant and possibly even delightful with rotating seat mates who were all quite considerate – was exhausting with one continuous seat mate who would not stop talking…

On the plus side – I got an astonishing amount of knitting done (and listened to a ridiculous number of podcasts). I’m probably half way through the waist decreases on my sweater.

And while the tired introverted part of me is insisting that this is no upside for that many hours of chatter, a small part of me is loving how (relatively) quickly this sweater is knitting up.

Anyway, before my brain started frying, I wrote this on Instagram about my last week in Portland:

“The past week in #PDX has been absolutely amazing!! It’s been a week of writing & thinking & planning & dreaming.

“Thinking up plans for new designs, and updates for old ones -planning a massive update for the shawl geometry books and scheming up the scope of the color workshop I’m working on. It’s been a week of curling up in coffee shops & tea shops with a blank pile of newsprint, all while it rains outside! Yes please!! (Also, I may be a little bit obsessed with @townshendstea)

“Now it’s back to SF for some more turning dreams into plans (plus hopefully some sunshine).”

I’m back in the Bay Area now, ending up in the fruit produce warehouse section of Oakland, and ate breakfast while watching an incredible amount of fruit being loaded and unloaded from trucks, piles of flats of produce taking up all the sidewalk space, and spilling into the streets, making them all one (squiggly) lane wide.

And now I’m off to rest (or more fully caffeinated) my people exhausted brain.

(Also please excuse the lack of photos. I managed to delete a while bunch of photos from my phone. Luckily it was after they were uploaded to my computer. But unfortunately I’m not writing this on my computer.)

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