I love how plain weave fabric highlights the interaction between the warp and the weft

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I’ve begun contemplating possible sewing projects for this fabric, and am leaning towards something patchworky. So with this piece of fabric I stuck to long stretches of using only one yarn, as oppose to mixing colors all over the place. I figure, if I do end up doing something patchworky, then having the option of patches in a single colorway will be helpful.

I love how the plain weave fabric shows off the dye job, and highlights the color interactions between the warp and the weft.

Another four or five feet woven with this particular pile of yarn, and I still have 3 decent sized balls of yarn left…

It feels as though this is the never ending pile of yarn. I’m hoping against all hope that the next piece of cloth finishes the yarn, because this piece of cloth didn’t.

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