a week of weaving, crocheting, and knitting, how multi-craftual

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on.




I’m moving in about 2 weeks, and so this week has been all about finishing up projects.

The last piece of fabric from my autumnal pile of yarn has been woven – now they just need a good soak, a bunch of ends woven in, and some photos.

The giant black and white granny square gotten a seam and turned into a cardigan – now it just needs photos.

And my crazy colorful sweater has sleeves! I’ve been procrastinating on the sleeves of this sweater for months, but it has two sleeves – now I need to pull back a few rows on one of the sleeves (because I knit it too long, sort of on purpose), and weave in another huge pile of ends.

Other than that it’s been mostly packing, sorting, donating, logistics-ings, and convincing myself that I will not be making Christmas gifts this year (I hope).

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