To Read Over Coffee #7 – all about the color

A collection of links from the past few weeks that I think are interesting/amusing/educational/insightful enough to read/watch/listen & think about over a cup of coffee.

Read Over Coffee 7

I’ve been doing more book reading than online reading, but either way I have color on the brain.

Teeny tiny itty bitty knitting!!

A beautiful dark blue dress + green shoes on the Satorialist.

From Mental Floss
19 Colors You’ve Probably Never Heard Of and 11 Colors You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (fascinating titles, I know…)
But both have some great colors on them, and interestingly “Falu” (a deep red that was named for Falun, Sweden) is repeated on both lists, and the articles were published almost exactly a year apart.

And if you’re looking for something more thoughtful, both these articles from BrainPickings are simply excellent:
Goethe on the Psychology of Color and Emotion
plus The Magic and Logic of Color: How Josef Albers Revolutionized Visual Culture and the Art of Seeing

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