To Read Over Coffee #6

A collection of links from the past few weeks that I think are interesting/amusing/educational/insightful enough to read/watch/listen & think about over a cup of coffee.

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I just found Katrina Rodbaugh’s blog and her post on Visible Mending and the Metaphor of Repair was simply lovely.


From Bustle, “5 Muslim Fashion Bloggers You Have To Follow Because Beauty Is Found Far Beyond Western Standards”

The University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute Blog has an interesting post on the history of “Imperial Yellow” throughout China’s history.

“In the period of Tang Gao zong 唐高宗 (Emperor Gaozong of Tang), it was proposed that chihuang赤黃 (reddish yellow) could only be used by the emperor, because it is the colour of the sun. Just as there cannot be two suns in the sky, there cannot be two emperors in a nation. Thus from then on, yellow was regarded as the costume colour used exclusively by emperors.”

In my fall down the rabbit hole that is writing about color, this post about exclusivity and specificity isn’t close to the strangest story I’ve read.

The costume designer of ‘Clueless’ reflects on her favorite looks from the movie.


A New Business Model For Fine Artists: Direct-To-Collector Subscriptions: Ashley Longshore’s Artgasm program rewards hardcore fans, budget-conscious art lovers, and her bottom line alike. from Fast Company


Esme Wang – Blogging is a Genre

“We’re even encouraged to put the moral in bold, if possible, because blogging is a genre, and genres have certain borders and shapes to them–if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be genres…. To write well within any genre is a challenge. We look to people who write well within genres as luminaries (Ursula LeGuin comes to mind), but it’s their ability to stretch and reshape the rules of genre that make them so.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently, especially with the impending conclusion of the self-made wardrobe project, so this post popped up at just the right time.

“Stop Erasing Women from Tech History: Whitney Wolfe and the invisible women in tech”

Little Fox Tarot on social media: “I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.” – JRR Tolkien

“I think that when you spread yourself out across the internet, it diminishes your energy.  I think that there is a part of me in every word I type (it’s called a SPELL for a reason) and every interaction I have.”

Because I’ll read just about any post that begins with a Tolkin quote.

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