To Read Over Coffee #3

A collection of links from the past few weeks that I think are interesting/amusing/educational/insightful enough to read/watch/listen & think about over a cup of coffee (or out in the sunshine).

to read over coffee

Keeping things short & sweet this week:

Most parts of a garment can be altered, the key to shopping and getting clothes to fit, is knowing which parts of the garment those are: “Shop like a seamstress” on xojane.

I think we can all appreciate why colorways vary from dye lot to dye lot – but why do colorways vary from base yarn to base yarn? Georgian Bay Fibre Company wrote a whole post about.

Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia makes stunning, organic, sewn art pieces. Serious go look at these!

A wonderful interview with Cecelia Campochinaro, the author of “Sequence Knitting,” a beautiful book that explores the process of repeating sequences of stitches with marvelous results.

“My guiding principles are first that the process must be simple, and second that the end product must be lovely. The balance between these two criteria is a fascinating puzzle.”

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