To Read Over Coffee #2

A collection of links from the past few weeks that I think are interesting/amusing/educational/insightful enough to read/watch/listen & think about over a cup of coffee (or out in the sunshine).

to read over coffee


“When the word ‘craft’ loses it’s meaning” from the Craft Council of England

From the article: “Everywhere you turn now you’re sold a craft utopia. Artisan bread? Craft beer? Craft crisps? What, or who, is the consumer supposed to believe?”

As a maker, it’s easy to ask “who made my clothing?” but how often do you ask “where does my fabric come from?”

Karie Bookish with some thoughts on Written Instructions for Lace

From the article: “For the first time since I began doing this professionally, I am not going to offer written instructions but just a fully charted pattern. It has been a tough call to make (I know many people like written instructions) but I think it’s the right one.”

Clothing & Fashion:

Producing fabric is complicated, ethically & sustainable producing fabric is even more so. Alabama Chanin on organic cotton and their supply chain.

So Zo’s Thoughts on Organic Cotton – basically “organic” is complicated

A thoughtful addition to the cultural conversation around shoes, “Windows on the soul: why we buy shoes we’re never going to wear” from The Newstatesman.

From the article: “Unlike with a dress, a hat, a bag or even a corset, every individual’s relationship with shoes is indelibly personal. Once worn, a shoe receives the imprint not just of its owner’s sole, but arguably also her soul.”

“I lived my life like every fashion girl on instagram ever: In the end, I gained about 313 followers in two weeks—but hated almost every minute of it.” on xojane What does into taking instagram perfect pictures?


Bacon + Lingerie. Meet The World’s Oldest Person

“How Ballerina Misty Copeland became American Ballet Theatre’s First African-American Swan Queen” on Vanity Fair

Sidewalk Flowers on BrainPickings – little red riding hood reminds you to get off the phone and pick some sidewalk flowers

“The Power of I am” by Alexandra Franzen – who are you?

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