it’s been a week of crafting mishaps

Each Wednesday, I post little snippets about what’s happening, and what I’m working on.

knitting colorful slip stitch

My crazy colorful sweater is coming along. It’s pretty slow going, and there was a bit of a hiccup when I realized I had vastly underestimated the yardage I needed (by about half) because I miscounted the number of rows I had to the inch. Luckily, I found more yarn, and I’m transitioning my colors now, so all should be ok. Fingers crossed.

purple knitting

And then I tried on my purple sweater and decided I hated how the neckline was sitting, so I cut it off, wound the yarn back up, and am going to re-knit it.

But at least I’m working off of the correct row count for this sweater.

pattern cutting

So as sort of a consolation prize for the sweater mishaps, I cut the fabric for my first Archer button up shirt, and started sewing it together.

Unfortunately the fabric slipped, or wudged, or something while I was cutting (I mean, it’s not like I was being super careful) and the stripes don’t quite match at center front. But I’m making it anyway, because a) I want the shirt, and b) I’m planning for it to be an over-shirt anyway, so it’s not like I was going to wear it closed very often.

Once the shirt is all sewn together we’ll see how “off” the stripes actually are, and we’ll also see if I still don’t care.

Toil & Trouble lace weight yarn

At least there was a consolation prize for the consolation prize.

Two skeins of absolutely lovely yarn arrived from Toil & Trouble! I’m working up a new design in it, and I can’t wait to start knitting with it! Yay!

(But I’ve held off winding the second skein until my week of crafting mishaps comes to an end – just in case.)


PS. If you’re in the US have a fabulously wonderful Thanksgiving. And if you’re not in the US, have some pie anyway.

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    1. Holly

      Thanks Tahnee, I’m really really glad I found more yarn that would work for this sweater. The Toil & Trouble yarn is, I think, even prettier in person!

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