single minded knitting focus ends up paying off

Each Wednesday, I post little snippets about what’s happening, and what I’m working on.

sweater sleeve

Stick a fork in it, the knitting of my winter coat is done! I finished Monday night,


and then I promptly started another sweater.

spindle spinning at gauge and tension

I fall in and out of love affairs with spinning. Sometimes all I want to do is spin, and sometimes I have absolutely no interest in sitting at the wheel, or picking up the spindle.

Last weekend Gauge & Tension (a popup yarn shop out in Brooklyn) had a spindling demo by fiber artist Robyn Love, that totally rekindled my love of spinning. So I used it to bribe myself into finishing the knitting on the coat.

writing by candle light

And I also used spinning to “encourage” myself to finish up a couple half finished blog posts (including the one about my pirate skirt.)


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  1. Congratulations. BTW, reading your blog has gotten me intrigued to knit a sweater, something that’s sort of been on my bucket list. Can you recommend an easy pattern to start? I’ve done a bunch of crocheting and knitted a few plain scarves. Thanks.

    1. Holly

      Thanks Bobbi!

      I’m so glad I’ve gotten you intrigued by knitting a sweater. Yay! Karen Templer over at “Fringe Association” has a fantastic post called “Pullovers for First Timers: or an introduction to sweater construction.” It’s all about knitting different types of pullovers, including pattern recommendations for different sweater shapes. It’s on the long side – but very thorough, so don’t be put off by the length.

      And Ravelry.com, if you don’t know about it, is an amazing online fiber arts community, with tons of members who have an amazing amount of knowledge. There’s even a group specifically for sweater knitters, here, they could probably give you many more recommendations for beginning sweaters.

      Hope that helps!

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