8 clothing related reminders from Month One of The Self-Made Wardrobe. Because reinventing the wheel every time sucks.

floral shoes

It’s the beginning of Day 32 of The Self-Made Wardrobe Project.

Yesterday was the end of Month 1, today is the beginning of Month 2, and I’m beginning to maybe believe that this project might not be as crazy as it feels.

At the very least I know I can come up with something to wear every day – freezing when the weather finally gets cold is a whole other thing though.

Since I’ve been doing this for over a month, I’ve learned some things, about what I like, and what I don’t.

So I’d like to write myself some clothing related reminders.

They’re not rules. Or even guidelines.

They’re just reminders.

Things I’ve learned, and would rather not have to re-learn.

Because reinventing the wheel every time sucks.

(Of course, these work for me and my wardrobe. You can have whatever wardrobe reminders/guidelines/rules work for you and your wardrobe.)

I want a reminder that…

: crew-neck T-shirts never fit in any dimension. If you love it, buy an XL and cut it down.

: you don’t have big feet. You’re a 7 or a 7.5. I don’t know where this big footed idea came from.

: go for fuller skirts – not pencil skirts. You like walking, and don’t work in an office, so not having pencil skirts is really ok.

: you prefer cardigans to pullovers. So knit some damn cardigans already.

: blouses aren’t really your thing. If there’s one you love – excellent! Otherwise don’t beat yourself up over sticking to tank tops – just make some interesting over-shirts.

: you don’t really like dresses. Don’t get sucked up into blogland’s need for all the cute flirty dresses. You prefer separates – and that’s ok.

: go for the dropped waist or at your hips. You don’t really like things at your natural waist.

: buy black fabric. And grey fabric. And blue fabric. And other solid fabrics. I know the prints are more fun to buy. But the solids make the prints more fun to wear & style.

And let me repeat that last one.

: buy the solid fabrics.

These reminders are things I’ve found work – for me.

Sometimes I go against them (most of the time I go against the fabric reminder – but this project is changing that).

But when I remember to remember these things about myself, how I wear my clothing, and how I interact with my wardrobe – things go a little more smoothly.

And who doesn’t like things to go a little more smoothly.

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2 Responses

  1. yay! ok… to me a 7 is a large foot, but that’s because i still wear a (big) kid’s 3! (and if i’m really lucky a women’s 5 or a euro 35). 😉

    giving up pencil skirts — even when I worked at a stuffy office — was huge.

    1. Holly

      haha! See, most of the people I know IRL have like size 9 feet, so mine feel tiny in comparison! I guess it’s all about perspective. 🙂

      Giving up on pencil skirts feels huge, and no one ever expects me to wear anything resembling business causal – so I can’t imagine how huge it must feel when you do work in an office, and people do expect you to look business-y.

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