the basic plan is balance

the basic plan is balance

Last time, I started the self-made wardrobe project with a laughable number of garments. (4 skirts. 2 sweaters.)
So there was usually a bunch of scrambling* to find something to wear every morning.
*and by scrambling I mean sewing.

This time I’m beginning with.
2 dresses. 4 shirts. 8 skirts. 3 sweaters. 1 sweater-dress/tunic. 1 kimono.
And a plan. (Or at least the beginnings of a plan.)

Everything I really wear fits into one of these categories:

: over-shirts/sweaters/jackets (all of them)
: tank tops & camisoles (I basically live in “tank top + jeans/skirt + something”)
: jeans (eep.)
: maxi skirts (as a jeans substitute)
: skirts (for looking cute)
: dresses (2 might be enough?)
: winter coat (double eep!)

So, if I (more or less) evenly distribute the garments I make into one of these categories, I should be ok.*
*and by “ok” I mean “always having something to wear…”

Of course I’ll be making more tank tops than over-shirts/sweaters/jackets, and I haven’t figured out how many pairs of jeans I’ll try to make yet…

But if I basically try to balance these categories, I should end up with a mostly balanced wardrobe.

We’ll see how it goes.

The plan = Balance (more or less)

(I mean really, what could possibly go wrong?)

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