A Pile of Yarn

pile of yarn

Who doesn’t love a big pile of yarn sitting on their desk?

From top to bottom, left to right:
1. Reywa Fibers “Bloom” (50%/50& yak/silk) colorway ‘Wild Orchid’
2. Koigu “Lace Merino” (100% merino) colorway ‘L3667’
3. Julie Asselin “Merletto” (75% merino/15% cashmere/10% silk) colorway ‘Dapple Grey’
4. Sweet Georgia “Merino Silk Lace” (50%/50% wool/silk) colorway ‘autumn flame’
5. Cascade Yarns “Forest Hills” (51% silk, 49% wool) colorway ’16’ (I did a review of this yarn a couple months ago)
6. Fiberspates “Scrumptious Lace” (45% silk, 55% merino) colorway ‘80502’

I agreed to knit a some lace swatches for my LYS, so I have this pile of lace weight sitting on my desk waiting for me to swatch and play with. yay!

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