Introducing the Self-Made Wardrobe

Self-Made Wardrobe

I want to tell you about a kind of crazypants, new project I’m doing. I mentioned it in Friday’s finished object post, but I want to tell you more about it.

I am going to wear an entirely self-made wardrobe for an entire year. That means, for a year, I’m going to only be wearing clothes I’ve made.

Yea, only clothes I’ve made. For an entire year.

I said it was a little crazypants, didn’t I?

The project is called The Self-Made Wardrobe, and it’s got it’s own blog over at SelfMadeWardrobe.com, where I’ll be posting all about making clothes, loving your wardrobe, fashion, identity, and wearing things we love, along with the clothes I make, and the clothes I wear. All focused around building a wardrobe to house the world that is me, and all written in a non-shallow, non-fussy way. I’ll also be writing a serial book, all about helping you build a wardrobe to house the world that is you.

I’ll still be here knitting my crazy shawls, writing patterns, writing books, but I’ll also be posting some sweater knitting as well, and maybe only working on one or two shawls at any one time (instead, oh say, five.)

I’ll also be pulling out some seriously old works in progress.
Like this sweater. And this one. (which I last blogged about in June of 2012…)

You can read more about the project here.
And get self-made wardrobe blog updates straight in your inbox here.

Come over and check it out, or at least look at the oodles of  fabric I picked up this weekend.

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