binding off and stitch marker liberation

Managed to finish both projects I was working on last week!

Well, almost finish. They still need some finishing, but the knitting is done.


The shawl is all bound off, and waiting to be blocked.


While the green sweater just needs the neck and sleeves finished off. I know the photo looks almost the same as last week, but I promise the shawl is bound off. I just didn’t grab a picture of it. But binding off does mean I got to liberate all my stitch markers. (yay stitch markers!)


I’m starting to get a pile of knitwear that needs finishing, ends woven in and blocking, so hopefully (fingers crossed) I’ll get that done and snap a bunch of finished object photos soon.

PS: The price of Shawl Geometry 1 and Shawl Geometry 3 will be increasing by a few dollars on Friday evening. You can read more details here. Or buy Shawl Geometry 1 ($23) and Shawl Geometry 3 ($17) now at their original prices.

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