I’ve been knitting sweaters(!!!)

sweaters?!?! what?!?!


sweaters (plural)

the first is almost done. I just need to finish off the armholes and weave in the ends.

I’m debating about the color though, they’re really not my colors, and it’s doing some funky pooling so… keep the colors? or dye it?

I’m working on the yoke of the second sweater, maybe I’ll finish the yoke this evening?

Love this color though, it’s a beautiful jewely green. The yarn is JaggerSpun’s Zephyr (which I loooooove). They call the color “peacock.”

I’m still plugging along on this shawl. It feels like I’ve been working on this project forever. But I’m oh-so-slowly making progress.

I’m making myself knit at least 2 rows a day on this project, one patterned row and one plain row, which is progress, but the rows have gotten reeeeaaaallllyyyy long.

I’m also working on some charts & written instructions, but I know if I don’t finish this shawl before casting on something new, this shawl will never get done…

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  1. Ann Hedington

    The pooling sweater has a neet swirling effect (from what I can see), though purple isn’t my color, so I’d be tempted to try to over-dye it. absolutely love the jewely green color!
    What patterns are you using (or are they your own?) I’m always on the look-out for top-down low/no finishing sweater patterns.

    1. Holly

      Thanks Ann. The swirl is cool, but there are a couple places where the colors flash and create splotches. So at the moment I’m leaning towards over dyeing it too.

      The pattern is an extremely modified “Silken Straw Summer Sweater” from The Purl Bee, at this point I think I’ve modified everything about the pattern except the basic idea. It’s just a basic top down, yoked tunic, knit with a lace weight yarn.

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