I see you Friday.

Hello Friday. I see you.

And I’ve knit a whole round since Wednesday.


Which, when each round is 1000+ stitches, isn’t as measly as it feels to say (well, type.)

I’m still looking for some sort of (non sucky) Friday “ritual.”
I’d love to hear any thoughts or ideas.
But I’d rather not have shoulds. ie. “you should…”

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2 Responses

  1. Joan

    As I observe the Saturday Sabbath, Friday has long been a preparation day. Even if you don’t observe this religiously, you can use Friday to prepare for the weekend. Get your picnic together, fill the gas tank, get your clothes out of the cleaners, Get your special bread or dinner made. Then you only have last minute things to do. Toward the end of the day, I like to plan the next week (not in detail)-this is due Monday, appointment Tuesday, wash dog, etc. And the best thing about Friday, after all is done, is to sit outside and chat with iced tea in hand while watching the sunset in all its glory. Unless it rains, then I just watch evening news. 🙂 Hope you get one good idea from this. The end of the day, being at peace with the past week and relaxing is what makes Friday.

    1. Holly

      Thank you so much for sharing this Joan. I love the idea of using Friday to prepare for the weekend, and then the incoming week.

      Part of the reason I’m looking for a way to get better at noticing Fridays, is because I work an alternative and very fluid schedule. So eventually the days start to blend together, which is a bit disorienting.

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