Oh! Hello hello Friday.

Hello, hello, Friday. You are mighty sneaky.


It’s been how many weeks of missed FO Fridays? Fridays. They are sneaky, sneaky. So I’m looking for a new way to notice and mark Fridays.


I really like the idea of FO Friday, but it’s not quite sitting right anymore. It feels forced and awkward.

I just don’t work on projects that can be finished in a week. Then I don’t have an FO to show one Friday, so I take that Friday off, and then I feel a little bad. Then one Friday becomes a string of Fridays, and I feel guilty. ick

THEN when I do finish something, I want to show you! And I don’t want to wait till the next Friday. But I feel like I should. More guilt. more ick 


I still want to talk about and show you finished objects. And I absolutely will! (Because I love it.) Just not necessarily on a Friday, and most definitely not every Friday.


So I’m looking for a new way of acknowledging Fridays.

Qualities I want in this new marking of Friday:

ease, simplicity, elegance, spaciousness, flexibility.

A combination-type-thing of Havi’s Friday Chickening, Tara’s Adventures, WIP Wednesdays/FO Fridays, and me.

With some elegant simplicity please.


I’m not sure what form this new “noticing Friday” could take. Or what exactly it’ll look like.

But I’m open to ideas. And I’m willing to play and adjust until it feels right. Comfortable.


The Comments:

I’d love to hear thoughts, ideas, stories, about marking time, or noticing time.

I’d rather not have “shoulds.”


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