this past week there was, next week there will be

It’s Friday again. What the hell, it was just Wednesday!

…grumble grumble grumble…days of the week…grumble grumble…

I loved Joan’s comment from last week about planning for the coming week on Friday, instead of over the weekend, or on Monday morning.

And the bit about “being at peace with the past week.” Adore!

So, this past week there was:

Next week there will be:

  • the end of the month (goodbye July, hello August)
  • more work-ey things.
  • a post about crescents
  • and the conclusion for the Shawl Geometry blog series (wow)
  • getting notes back from K on Shawl Geometry II(?)
  • some swatching and more writing about mutant shawl shapes.
  • swatching the post for a week from Monday.
  • I’ll need a new knitting project.

Huh. That was pretty cool, and rather insightful. Thanks Joan!

I’m giving myself permission to: tweek it, try something new, or keep it exactly the same, for next week.

I’m looking for some sort of (non sucky) Friday ‘ritual.’
I’d love to hear any thoughts or ideas, your Friday ‘rituals’ if you have them. You’re totally welcome to look at your week, past or future, here (or on your own.)
But either way I’d rather not have shoulds. ie. “you should…”

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  1. Sonia C

    What about FFFO
    First Friday Finished Objects
    That way you have a month to finish a project rather than a week, and you show it off on the first Friday of the month..

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