12 Shawls in 2012 Progress

In my last post I talked about finishing one final shawl before the end of the year, and I mentioned having no idea of how many shawls I’ve completed this year. And since I don’t know how many I’ve completed, I can’t know how close I am to my goal of completing 12 this year, (I finished 11 last year). So it’d probably be a good idea to count them, huh.

1. Ponycorns & Rainbow Fragments


2. Eirwen


3. Kora


Well, that’s sobering. But here’s the (kind of) embarrassing part:


I have 4 shawls waiting to be blocked. And 2 shawls that I just haven’t talked about. Yea…

I guess I’ll be frantically blocking shawls over the next couple weeks.


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