One More Shawl?

Can I finish one more shawl in 2012? I’m not sure how I’m doing with the goal of finishing 12 shawls in 2012. I get the feeling it’s not going great, but maybe I can still add one more to the pile.


The yarn is Anzula cloud in the colorway “boysenberry,” knit on US size 5s (3.75 mm) needles.

The shape is going to be a larger version of this swatch, with lace in the center section, and a large lace border.


I’ve been working on a series of swatches demonstrating different types of shawl construction. Mostly just so that I could have a library of them for reference, but it’s occurred to me that they would also make for a great blog post about different shawl constructions. Would anyone be interested? If so, leave a comment, email me, find me on Ravelry or Twitter and let me know.

So, it’s after midnight, this WIP Wednesday post is (a little) late, and the photo colors are no where near accurate, (must try to start getting photos before the sun goes down) but that’s all for this week.

If you’d like more WIP Wednesday posts, visit Tami’s blog.

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  1. Wow! You’re well on your way with this latest shawl! I think there’s a good chance you will be able to get it off the needles in time to count it towards this year’s tally.

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