Lots of Travel Time

Means lots of knitting time.

I finally bound off this shawl. That tiny ball of yarn lasted, but the tail  you can see is all that is left. It certainly got a little nerve wracking towards the end. I’m going to try and get it blocked this week, and start writing up the pattern.

And because decreasing the total number of works in progress I have on the needles would just be silly, I cast on another shawl. This pattern is part of this project, I’m still working on getting the written portion worked out, but the overall idea is beginning to take shape.

The project getting the most of my attention has been this one (I’m thinking of calling it Lyla or Lylia but haven’t decided yet). Lots of hours in the car, a bunch of hours on airplanes, and a couple hours sitting in airports turned into a few inches on this shawl. Progress really slowed down after the last increase round, but I’m still plugging away at it.

That being said, my second Zodiac le Plume is also steadily growing (that snow looks really appealing right now, it’s supposed to be 99F tomorrow). It’s sits on my desk to the right of my computer and gets a couple stitches added while I’m reading, or something is uploading. The legal pad was a failed attempt to make the lace patterning easier to see, maybe next time I’ll pin it out on something. Now that the pattern is available again, I thought it might be fun to do a knit-a-long of sorts. If anyone wants to join me, just let me know and we can figure something out.

I’m going to try not casting anything on until I finish up a couple of these works in progress (there are three more that I didn’t even bother photographing because they haven’t moved at all). At the moment I sort of feel like I’m drowning in WIPs, but we’ll see how well this attempt at WIP reduction goes.

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