Knit, knit, spin, spin

There hasn’t been a huge amount of knitting going on. Partly because it has been so hot, and partly because I’ve mostly been spinning (at leas that’s what it feels like).

The Not Quite Argyle Sweater, the shawl with 8,000 beads, Ghosts & Mirrors, and my purple Zodiac le Plume have all gotten a row or two added to each of them, but certainly not enough to be very noteworthy. The two projects I have been working on however, have seen a tremendous amount of progress since the last time you saw them.

The first, which was only just started the last time I photographed it, and now fits comfortably around the 40″ circular that I have it on.

The lace patterning isn’t super clear in this photo, but it’s interspersed with sections stockinette stripes. Sort of potato chip knitting, because I love getting from stripe to stripe to stripe, and it would be complete potato chip knitting if the rounds weren’t beginning to get really long.

I was going to spread this out once I transitioned into the second skein of yarn, but before I knew it, I was a few rows away from binding off. So now I’m in the middle of the bind off and that little ball at the top of the photo is the yarn I have left. Fingers crossed it lasts, and we’ll see how it goes.

The singles I was working on the last time I talked about spinning are done and plyed, but not washed yet.

I 2 plyed them to preserve the color transitions. Since it just came off the bobbin, I haven’t counted final yardage or weight yet, but it’s a decent amount of yardage, in I would say a lace weight.

I also plyed the Fibernymph dyeworks singles that I was contemplating last time. You can see the color progression better in the photo below. It goes from the blue-purple, to the light purple to the grey-purple.

I ended up n-plying it, first to keep the colors together, second to make the yarn a little bit heavier, and I’m really glad I did because it’s very thin even with the three plys. It also hasn’t been washed yet, so I don’t have exact weight, but there are certainly parts of it that are lace weight. No idea what it’ll become but probably a shawl (shocking I know.)

Maybe the weather will get less gross soon, and I’ll want to knit more. Probably wishful thinking, but I can still wish.

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