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A couple months ago, sometime in early March, I found myself with a few free hours, a fried brain, a free dress form, a drawer full of shawls, a camera and a sunny morning. So rather than doing something productive for school I spend the morning photographing shawls.

Some are old, some are new. Some had been photographed before, some hadn’t. Some of the patterns have been published, some are still waiting patiently in the wings. Either way I recently found that folder again, and  thought it might be fun to post some of the photos. Because there are so many (200+ initially), and I didn’t want to create a ridiculously overwhelming post, I’m splitting them up by shawl, so each shawl will get it’s chance in the spotlight.

I love Mirror World primarily for it’s stitch pattern, though the yarn, color and shape are all some of my favorites as well. I love how the stitch pattern stacks forming strong vertical lines that juxtapose against the overall crescent of the shawl. I adore how the triangles at times mirror each other to make diamonds and at other times are staggered to nestle between the lines of diamonds. The yarn and color (curiosity on Tosh lace) is simply wonderful, rich and deep, subtle but variegated. While the shape is definitely one of my favorites, elegant and easy to keep in place.

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