Long Over Due

I must say that I’ve been a tad neglectful of the blog lately, but my life had taken on a few more levels of complexity since the end of August. I’ve moved, started classes (4 this semester), started two costume design internships, all the while trying to more forward with my knitting design, at a relatively steady pace.

Speaking of crazy busy and moving, the place I moved to has particularly horrible lighting. So, I will try to get as many pictures as possible, but I can’t promise pictures with every post. That being said, I will still be focussing primarily on my knitting and will get pictures whenever possible, but there will be many more descriptions than pictures. I’ve also got some article idea brewing, and have been itching to get back into writing, so I’ll be posting those once they have been researched, written, and edited.

Now onto what’s on (and off) my needles. Right before I moved, I got bitten by the accessories bug big time! Most notably fingerless gloves, and hats. Since then I’ve started and finished a pair and a half of long fingerless gloves, about 8 inches long, and a pair of wristlets that are about 4 and a half inches long. As well as, starting and finishing two hats, at which point I started a 3rd.
The completed pair of longer fingerless mitts, and the completed wristlets are variations on the same stitch pattern, and will be released together (maybe as a freebie?). The backs of the hands are made up of a simple lace ribbing, and the palms are stockinette. The long size has two inches of 1×1 ribbing all the way around the cuff to keep wind from climbing up the wearer’s arm. While on the wristlets the lace ribbing begins at the cast on edge and continues all the way up the fingers, with 1×1 ribbing for one inch on half of the cuff to keep it from curling.
While the half completed pair of long mitts is more unisex. The palm, 2/3rds of the back of the hand, and the thumb are all knit in 3×1 ribbing, making them lie flat and stretch enough to accommodate multiple hand sizes. The last 1/3rd of the back of the hand has simple but elegant braided cable running up it. These are destined to be my sister’s, but I think I might need to knit a pair for myself (not out of the charcoal gray that her’s are out of though). I’ve also got a possible matching hat kicking around my brain, so this pattern might end up being offered as a set.
Now onto the hats. This November I’m going to be releasing a set of 4 cabled and ribbed hats (for individual sale, and as an ebook) just in time for not quite last minute holiday gifts. At the moment I’m leaning towards Crisscross Caps being the title for the collection, though if anyone has any other ideas I’m always open to suggestions.
I’ve also got a new lace shawl, and a new lace scarf on the needles, as well as Icy Fields. But I think those will need to wait until later in the week, because this post is already getting quite long.

On the design front.
The Dancing Girls Scarf became available on Ravelry on September 5th, but I haven’t gotten around to writing up the release post or adding it to the Original Designs page. Both of these will happen later this week, fingers crossed.
I’ve also got plans to figure something out for the About Page this week. But I must admit that this isn’t at the very top of the to do list so it might not get done until later.
The Birds of a Feather Tam (Ravelry Link) went out to test knitters over the weekend, and I’m hoping to have the pattern released at the end of September/beginning of October.

I’m going to end it here, and will post again before the month is over. (I hope).

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