Might Make it to 12?

So I have 3 shawls totally done. (Kora, Eirwen, and Ponycorns & Rainbow Fragments,).
I have 2 shawls done, but I just haven’t talked about them. (The top two.)
And 4 shawls waiting to be blocked. (The bottom four.)

1 shawl on the needles.

That makes 10.

Which is only 2 away from 12.

Which is awfully close.

Maybe I see 2 more shawls in my immediate future.

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Edit: Giveaway over. Congratulations Britney! get in touch with me and let me know which pattern you would like.


This is the 100th post on this blog, and that seems like something that should be marked in some way. I figure I can mark this moment either by saying something profound and meaningful, or by having a giveaway. And since for me today is a day of mundane tasks (laundry, cleaning, etc.), and I want a bit of pepping up, I’m going with the giveaway.

So, leave a comment and I’ll put your name in the hat for a copy of one of my self-published patterns. Share the post (on twitter, facebook, etc.), then come back and leave another comment saying where you shared it, and I’ll give you a second entry. I’ll draw the winner Monday morning, not too early.

The long and short of it: leave a comment before Monday morning, be entered to win a pattern.

Here’s to another 100.


Real Blog Post to Come

When I woke up this morning I planned to write a blog post about how miserably I failed my Olympic knitting goals.

But since this is what half my room looks like at the moment I won’t be writting that post today. I’ll be unpacking boxes this evening.


Moving takes up a ridiculous amount of valuable crafting and blogging time.

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