We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programing

to bring you, math and a two-day-last-minute-scarf.

I have spent the past few days completely immersed in math, and ribbing.

One of my potential test knitters for A Study in Grey, wouldn’t have been able to finish the shawl by the deadline I had set, and suggested a baby blanket instead. Now, rather than being hated by new mothers everywhere for simply squaring the stole, and ending up with a blanket that is 100% alpaca (and therefore non machine washable), laceweight, and knit on size 2s. I’ve redesigned the stole into a blanket pattern (currently named SiG Blankie, but I’m working on a better name), that calls for Knit Picks Stroll (formerly known as Knit Picks Essential), and is knit on size 5s. The blanket will come in two sizes baby and adult, while the stole only comes in one. Both patterns will be made available separately, as well as together at a steep discount.

I’m in the process of gathering test knitters for the blanket pattern. I’ll be knitting along with them, because the idea of releasing a pattern that I haven’t knit, kind of weirds me out. I’m at the very beginnings of my baby blanket, just starting the 3rd repeat. I’ll have pictures once I’m a little further in. I am working stripes because I have a whole bunch of blue and brown Knit Picks Essential, and nothing else to do with.

While writing up the blanket pattern, I simply didn’t want to knit lace, and since all my projects currently on the needles are lace (of varying levels of difficulty) I cast on something new. Obviously.

Basic Ribbed Scarf

Cast on 20 stitches. Knit 1×1 ribbing until you run out of yarn. Bind off.

I used two skeins of Schoeller+Stahl Big Print in colorway 7942, and US size 10 (6mm) needles. Due to the fact that I like symmetry I knit the first ball starting from the end on the outside of the skein, and the second ball with the end on the inside of the skein. This means that when the scarf is hanging around the wearer’s neck the colors should (approximately) line up. Since I don’t have an immediate recipient this scarf will go into the gift stash until I need a last minute gift.

I know I keep promising an actual knitting update, but I keep getting side tracked. Soon (I hope).


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