The Self-Made Wardrobe


I’m restarting & restructuring the self-made wardrobe project. Whee!

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August 1st, I’m hitting the restart button on The Self-Made Wardrobe. Unpausing the project.
Picking up the idea again.

The Self-Made Wardrobe project is a project where I only wear garments made by me, for an entire year.

I originally started it June 1st, but put it on pause because of health stuff, and bedbugs. Turns out that it’s really hard to make clothes while all your fabric is sealed away in plastic bags (bedbugs) and you’re lying on the couch feeling like complete crap (health stuff.) The health stuff is now sorted out, and the bedbug stuff is wrapping up over the next day or two (fingers crossed).

So! I’m restarting the Self-Made Wardrobe project August 1st!
(the day after my birthday…)

But this time with a bit of restructuring.
I’m trying to make it more sustainable.
More interesting.
More helpful.
More inspiring.
With more fun, less stress. (yes please!)

So, I’ll be moving the self-made wardrobe project to this blog (instead of trying to maintain this blog, and a blog for the self-made wardrobe project.)

I’ll be doing a once a week outfit roundups, and there will probably be some more sewing in Wednesday’s “what I’m working on” posts.

But this will be in addition to the knitting projects and content, because I’m certainly not going to stop knitting anytime soon.

I’ll be adding some sewing & styling posts in with the knitting posts, but the lace and the shawls aren’t going anywhere. I just wanted to give ya’ll heads up.

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Let’s do this.