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sometimes we need a reminder

This is for makers. It’s a reminder.
It’s something we all know.
But sometimes we forget.

The thing that makes an artist an artist
is the act of making art.

It’s not past art, and how great it was.
Or future art, and how great it will be.
It’s in progress art, and what you’re making,

The thing that makes an artist an artist
isn’t the awards or accolades
(rightly deserved or not)
it’s the act of making art.

Part of us knows this.
But sometimes we need a reminder.

The act of making art, makes us an artist.


Christmas Knitting Update

Well, my goal was 2 shawls and 1 hat in the 5 days before Christmas. I managed to finish 1 shawl, and most of the hat, as well as start the 2nd shawl by Christmas morning. I’m calling it a win.

I finished my sister’s shawl.


1 skein of Zen String Lotus Toes in Calliope, from forever ago, knit on US 5s (3.75mm)

(maybe my family reading this can guilt her into getting me a better photo.)

My dad’s hat is now done.


Simple, simple hat, knit with 1 skein of Berroco Ultra Alpaca, and 1 skein of Cascade 220, knit on US 9s (5.5mm).

And my mom’s shawl is rather far along considering I started it Sunday night.


3 balls of a red lace weight, held together, on US 6s (4.00mm).

I’m totally calling this a win.



But it was also a completely crazypants idea. Please remind me to start knitting earlier next year. (Future me thanks you.)